La storia del Ghiro Ghiotto Bed and Breakfast

Pietra Ligure B&B Il Ghiro GhiottoThe idea of realizing the “Ghiro Ghiotto” was born on a warm Sunday in June 2005: out of the blue, Dino, Sara’s (one of the owners) boyfriend, looks at her and goes: “Why don’t you transform your vacant apartment into a B&B?”… something was going to change…
The journey has been long, hard and exhausting… First of all we had to explain to the rest of the family what a Bed & Breakfast is and that took some time! They liked the idea and after much hesitancy and uncertainty the preparations started. "

Our little place became a construction site, but every day a small Sea vacation Italian Rivierapiece of our Bed & Breakfast was coming to life. And thus here we are, after one year of work, hardship, ideas, dreams and hopes. For a moment we thought we were not going to make it: tiredness, stress and obstacles had taken over, but, thanks to our strength and our courage, we managed to open at last.
Sara and Antonella are the owners of the “Ghiro Ghiotto”.

The Bed and Breakfast was born out of our genuine desire to be able to dedicate ourselves to the others blending hospitality and informality. Ideally, this activity is meant to be an extension of ourselves, of our character and of our will to give concrete form to that warm reception and to that hospitality which in our land needs to be re-discovered. The idea of creating the Ghiro Ghiotto captivated us for its peculiar features, young and with a human touch. Managing our B&B has proved to be a stimulating activity for two young women who are set to create a pleasant vacation environment, the very same one in which they themselves would like to be welcomed in!

La storia del Ghiro Ghiotto Bed and Breakfast

The “Ghiro Ghiotto” would not exist without the help, the support and the patience of the following persons:
  • Dino
  • Ma Wilma e Pa Nino
  • Sara I. (our bosom friend)
  • Maurizia (another dear friend)
  • Luca
  • Claudio ki (our faithful friend)
  • Fabio Bono(father of the logos!)
  • Davide
  • Claudia(our official embroiderer)


Il Ghiro Ghiotto Bed & Breakfast
Via G. Garibaldi 29/3 17027 Pietra Ligure SV Italy Tel. +39 328 80.400.69 - Fax: +39 019 62.78.54
Cod. fiscale BTTRSR76S45E632C - CITR: 009049-BEB-0006
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